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Customer Support

STEP 1: Submit a Support Request

STEP 2: We’ll ask you for the Following:
  • Your name, company name, and contact information
  • Description of issue and specifically what you were doing when it occurred
  • Screenshots of the error or issue if possible
  • The urgency of the request
STEP 3: We’ll Assign your Support Case
  • All requests are entered into our ticketing system, and you will receive a confirmation email with a Support Case Number.
  • Support Case Numbers are triaged by priority and checked daily.
  • Cases are handled based on the urgency level of requests.
    • Urgent = 1 hour response time (An issue that results in the total failure of a production system (or module) without any available workarounds. The Urgent severity is also assigned to issues that need immediate processing: those that are causing significant data loss or data integrity problems or are related to compromised security. Payroll-related critical issues like printing checks and preparing government reports are also considered urgent).
    • High = Same business day response time (An issue that prohibits the use of standard features described in the documentation where the issue does not have an available workaround and its resolution is needed to avoid significant financial burden to the business.).
    • Medium = Next business day response time (An issue that involves partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the software or that impairs some operations but allows the customer to continue using the software.).
    • Low = 2 business days (A cosmetic issue, including errors in the documentation, general usage questions, and recommendations for product enhancements or modifications).
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